Rejected city of Camaguey as destination of tourist attraction

camaguey-5075Camagüey – The half millennial city of Agramontina received in the year 2016 25% of foreign visitors, more than in the previous period, a figure that favored the income to the economy by that concept, and allowed to position the city as one of the preferred destinations between The patrimonial circuits of the country. Leonor Sabido Bonito, a specialist in Public Relations and Commercial Relations at the Cubanacán Hotel Tourism Complex, said that more than 20,700 visitors were received at the facility, and the growing trend has continued since the chain began on February 2, 2014.


The main emitting market is the United States, even though these citizens can not travel to Cuba as tourists; Followed by Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, as well as national clients.


According to the investor process that is being carried out in the sector, on February 3 will be the official opening of the hotel El Colonial, with ten rooms, a bar cafe that will offer specialized services, and a shop dedicated to the marketing of cigars.


We also work on the organization of the main areas, the solution of nonconformities related to the standards and quality standards, the increase of the tourist comfort in the facilities and their rejuvenation, as well as the diversification of the gastronomic offerings.


By the end of the current 2017, announced Sabido Bonito, is expected the delivery of a new construction that will add capabilities to La Sevillana, in addition to San Juan de Dios, which will add seven such accommodation with brand E of the chain Cubanacán .


To its three years of creation, the hotel complex Camagüey City, shows a sustained growth in the arrival of visitors, and has 64 capacities.

Author: Juan G. Mendoza Medina

Source: Radio Cadena Agramonte

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