Camaguey, the other city


Clay, mud, water, sweat, desire … Santa Maria del Puerto del Príncipe. Tinajones, churches, squares, legends … Camaguey. Yesterday villa of few, today city-mother of many. To its 503 years of founded, the “soft comarca” evoked by Nicolás Guillén, does not leave behind its essences.

A 2 of February of 1514 was born and a 2 of February of the 2017 reborn in charms. Mercedes Oliva assuredly, from the objectivity that gives the distance. “I was born here and I was very young. I have not been back for 25 years and I seem to have come to another place. The rivers are no longer sewers, I can walk through streets like República and see another image in the houses, in the quarters … ”   His amazement has tangible reasons, which I try to explain by leaving aside commonplace.

The “new Camaguey” – still distant from the dream of its inhabitants – is the result of the work of many, beginning with the authorities of the territory and the Office of the Historian of the City, where they think projects that go beyond the dates of celebration.   Thanks to so many days of work today the Agramontinos have better markets, with streets and squares decked out, with historical sites rescued and constructions with new functions.   Already the Plaza de los Trabajadores, for example, is not the exclusive preserve of cars, buses and even trucks, as in other times, nor is it so far the day in which the Historic Center is a place to travel, without fuss, with family .  

New hotels also adorn the historic center and augur more tourism and economic growth and almost lost buildings, such as the old railway terminal that will soon resurface as a thematic museum rescuing the history of trains in Camaguey.   Defending identities, the original, the traditions and imbricarlas with the new, the modern is the original intention of each of the main actors of this new city that arises


Author: Gretel Díaz Montalvo

Source: Periódico Trabajadores

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