6 February, 2017

Santa Lucia Beach

The beach of Santa Lucía, main pole of the region, is located in the northeastern end of the province, 680 km from Havana and about 114 km from the city of Camagüey.

The community of Las Palmas de Lucía – popularly “Las 80” – make the starting point of a significant population settlement, capital for the exploitation of a beach with more than 20 kilometers of transparent waters, fine sand and good hotel infrastructure than another The land for lovers of the sea and the sun.

This beach is part of the Cayería del Rey, including Cayo Romano, the archipelago’s mayor and Parque Natural, Cayo Guajaba and Cayo Sabinal. The latter, with an extension of 335 km²; It is united to the mainland by a stone that extends from Nuevitas. With forests and access by roads between the 33 km of beaches that owns Brava Beach, Los Pinos and Playa Bonita.

Base of operations of corsairs and pirates This site where the legends speak of buried treasures exhibits Columbus Lighthouse (1848), which rises at Punta de Maternillos and has the ruins of the so-called Torreon de San Hilario (1831) The gardens of the Queen, located to the south, are a cayería practically in the natural state full of beaches and coral reefs.

Cayo Caguama, an islet is located on the southeast edge of the set of small cays called Cayería de las Doce Leguas. With only about 12 km ² of surface, and about 14 km of length in its coast, and of them 5½ of beaches of high quality, it extends of strips of fine sand between the five and 20 meters of bottom.

It has excellent aquatic landscapes very close to its coast. It has an airport with ecological track of compact sand in the only one of the country.

The extensive and well-preserved coral barrier extends some distance from the coast and limits the areas for sea bathing. To the south, El Real, a coastal lagoon populated by pink flamingos and among beaches, cays and corals, there are also dive centers and nautical sports.